A downloadable Paraleap

Designer/Programmer - Ashley Muir


Ctrl/Shift/X - Switch Platform

Spacebar/Z - Jump


This game was made in 40 hours for the 40 Hour Game Jam, Make-A-Thing!.

We were given 3 words for inspiration, Remedy, Vermilion and Parallel

Remedy - Used on the pick up items through out the game that will aid you in moving quicker forward

Vermilion - Used for the hazards, Vermilion's raw material has a high amount of mercury, making it toxic. That, plus the fact its red, its an easy way to introduce hazards

Parallel - Used for the platforms, 2 traveling in the same direction and the player moves in-between them :D

Character Art/Platform Art - opengameart.org/content/a-platformer-in-the-forest

Background Art - opengameart.org/users/gravitygames



  • Fixed bug causing ghost's sorting layer to be incorrect
  • Each new level comes in pairs instead of individually,
    • (This will allow players to find strategies that work in slow speeds and but do not work in high speeds, allowing players to refine their efficiency in each slice)
  • Controls changed from Space + Ctrl to Z + X
  • Redesigned most of the levels to accompany slices spawning in pairs


  • I have decided after a lot of recommendations from players that I will develop this into a mobile game for Android! I have planned to work on it over 6 months so any suggestions or feedback is most welcomed!

Install instructions

  • Download
  • Right click
  • Click "Extract All..."
  • Select file location
  • Double click on "ParaLeap" in file location
  • Select your graphic options
  • Play!


Paraleap_31-3-17.zip (16 MB)


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Really had fun playing this! I love how you switch platforms, and the whole feel of the game. Very well done. Please feedback something from my collection, thank you!