Designer/Programmer - Ashley Muir


Ctrl/Shift/X - Switch Platform

Spacebar/Z - Jump


This game was made in 40 hours for the 40 Hour Game Jam, Make-A-Thing!.

We were given 3 words for inspiration, Remedy, Vermilion and Parallel

Remedy - Used on the pick up items through out the game that will aid you in moving quicker forward

Vermilion - Used for the hazards, Vermilion's raw material has a high amount of mercury, making it toxic. That, plus the fact its red, its an easy way to introduce hazards

Parallel - Used for the platforms, 2 traveling in the same direction and the player moves in-between them :D

Character Art/Platform Art -

Background Art -



  • Fixed bug causing ghost's sorting layer to be incorrect
  • Each new level comes in pairs instead of individually,
    • (This will allow players to find strategies that work in slow speeds and but do not work in high speeds, allowing players to refine their efficiency in each slice)
  • Controls changed from Space + Ctrl to Z + X
  • Redesigned most of the levels to accompany slices spawning in pairs


  • I have decided after a lot of recommendations from players that I will develop this into a mobile game for Android! I have planned to work on it over 6 months so any suggestions or feedback is most welcomed!


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The game seems enjoyable and addictive, the controls have a good feel and the bit-crushed sound effects add the perfect crunchy feedback to your actions (swapping layers) and running into obstacles. I was confused at first on what to do and how to play, as I'm playing a build that hasn't got a tutorial in it yet (and I didn't read the instructions, doy) but it turned out to be very easy to figure out. I'm looking forward to seeing more content and polish in this game!


Where's the Mac build? :)

get a PC.

Really had fun playing this! I love how you switch platforms, and the whole feel of the game. Very well done. Please feedback something from my collection, thank you!