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Re-Volt, a single player puzzle game, make your way out of the vile dungeon while dodging the hazards in your way!

Team Members:

Ashley Muir - Progammer, Designer, Artist

Jonathan Erlandsson - Audio

Maddy Carter - Audio

Install instructions

Play Instructions:

WASD to move the big robot

Arrow Keys to move the little robot

Don't touch each other otherwise the big robot will be stunned for 3 seconds!

Don't let the little robot touch fire, bola shot or bear trap, other wise he gets stunned for 3 seconds!

Download Instructions:

Click the download link

Right click downloaded file

Extract the files

Open extracted file

Double click Re-Volt.exe

Recommended Graphics Settings

Resolution: 1024x768

Windowed: Yes

Graphics Quality: Fantastic

Display Monitor: Any


Re-Volt.zip 19 MB

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