A downloadable game

2v2 Arena. Kill the enemy team while healing your own!

Team Members:

Ashley Muir: Designer

Harry O'Conner: Designer

Shane: Programmer

Thomas Davison: Audio

Hamish Standfield: Animator

Isabel Fernandez: Animator

Catherine Glynn: Concept Art.

Install instructions

Play Instructions

4 Player only

Xbox 360 Controllers recommended

Right Bumper: Dash

Left Stick: Movement

Right Stick: Look direction

Right Trigger: Cast Damage Spell

Left Trigger: Cast Healing Spell

Download Instructions:

Click the download link

Right click downloaded file

Extract the files

Open extracted file

Double click Re-Volt.exe

Recommended Graphics Settings

Resolution: 1024x768

Windowed: No

Graphics Quality: Fantastic

Display Monitor: Any


Spell Sisters.rar 29 MB

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